Packaging That Prompts Re-Use



There are a lot of shoe boxes in the shop, and most of them are thrown away after using. However, the material and size of the shoe box give it a lot of possibilities of reusing. This link and the image below shows one of them. As seen in the sketch, I propose the fold line be perforated on the shoe box in advance, so the customers will be reminded of reusing it.

Untitled3 Untitled1

Furthermore, if a user changes a shoe box into a storage box by his own hand, he will consider whether there is any other thing in his life to reuse.

Below is one of the solutions Design for the Other 90%, which is to help people from dry area to transport water. I have talked to one local people from west China where is lack of water. He knew it because it was distributed by government, and he told me after several months they all alter back to traditional way for many reasons.

61-220x165 Untitled2

Maybe we should reflect our attitude toward those 90% people – we are not savior, and we should not belief we are smarter than them just because we have got more education or more professional knowledge; we shouldn’t just come and say “hi, just let me teach you how to live better.”

One thing that local guy told me gave me a deep impression, he said “Almost all the government assistant is a waste of money, it would be better if the money was given to the local people directly”.


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